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Non-HP msg from Stefan.Westh@FFVMATTEKNIK.FFV.SE

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 8, 1997

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From: AM58 Westh Stefan <Stefan.Westh@FFVMATTEKNIK.FFV.SE>
To: "'VEE reflector'" <>
Subject: Vrf-RPC
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 14:25:00 +0100

from: Stefan Westh/ FFV M=E4tteknik AB +46 589 82640/ FAX +46 589 10740
to: Vrf
date: Tuesday, 9 December 1997

Hello Everybody!

I try to understand how RPC works. I have looked at the example  =20
xrpctest.vee. It works fine. When I use the Remote Debug option I can  =20
debug the remote function, but if the debugging takes longer than the  =20
Remote Timeout time is set to I get an error (862). That is probably wha=
t  =20
you can expect, but I wonder if there is a way to override the Remote  =20
Timeout time when you are in Remote Debug mode?

The reason way I looked at RPC is because I developed a program that  =20
import and run user functions. I have Secured that program. The user  =20
functions are developed by other developers. When an error occurs in the=
user function you get an error information but you can't debug the user =
function and you can't set breakpoints. One solution is to not securing =
the program, but that is not a solution for me because the program must =
be secured so it can't be changed or read. The only solution I can think=
of is to use the RPC, the only problem with RPC is as I described earlie=
r  =20
the timeout. Are there other solution to solve this problem?

I need to protect my hpvee programs so that the source code can't be 
read, changed or misused. The only way to do that I know of is to use 
Secure in HPVEE. I have saved a program both secured and not secured and=
compared the two text files and they look very similar. I haven't tried
but my guess is that it isn't difficult to rebuild an readable HPVEE file  
from an secured file.
So my question is does the Secure convert the HPVEE file into a file wit=
reasonable high security level?
If it doesn't is there an other way to protect HPVEE programs?

I have used the XYTrace object and I noticed that if you feeds the objec=
t  =20
with one value at a time it works well but if you feed the object with a=
n  =20
array the graph flashes. I tries to draw the test limits first and the  =
draw the measured values one by one. The test limits are feed to the  =20
XYTrace object with an array and the measured values are feed one by one=
.  =20
But the XYTrace display flashes so much that it's very tiring to look at=
.  =20
What is the problem? Is it HPVEE that updates the XYTrace for all the  =20
values feed to it even if it is only the measured value pin that is  =20
changed? Is there on other way to solve this task?

Thanks in advance Stefan Westh =20