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Question asked by trottinh on Jun 14, 1999
You need to install the contents of the HP I/O Libraries CD which includes
SICL and VISA. If you do not have this CD or you're evaluating HPVEE.
Download the latest at

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From: Greg Folk []
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 12:00 PM
Subject: VRf--Serial Instrument Interface

VRf--Serial Instrument Interface

I am trying to write a program to control a FLUKE 45 meter through it's
RS-232 interface.  It accepts simple ASCII commands.  But everytime I try
to use the serial interface (at address 9), I get the runtime error #801
telling me that my SICL I/O library, sicl32.dll, could not be found.

I checked HP's web site to see if the SICL I/O library was something I
needed to install in addition to Vee, but I couldn't find anything.

Greg Folk