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VRf: Killing programs from VEE Win95?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 16, 1998

     Hello VEE users:
     I have a test program that communicates with a network card through a
     DDE server program.  My VEE program sends DDE requests to the DDE
     server, which broadcasts data over a dedicated network.  The DDE
     server has no exit command, so once it gets started it can only be
     stopped manually.  Only a single copy of the DDE server is allowed at
     a time.
     I need to be able to kill the existing copy of the DDE server program
     at the beginning of my VEE application so that I can launch a new copy
     with the proper configuration settings.
     I am running VEE 4.01 and 5.0 under Windows95.
     Anybody have a good way to kill an active program by name? 
     Does the WIndows API have the necessary functions?  If so, what DLL
     should be used and what header file entries are required?
     Bruce Wenner
     HP St. Paul