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VRF- Calling Fotran program from Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 9, 1999
     I am having a problem running a Fortran program called from Vee on Vee
     4.01 on an HP UX 10.2 715i Unix workstation.  It is a customer
     furnished program and I do not have a fortran compiler myself.
     When I run the  program from a Unix terminal window it works fine. 
     When I run it from Vee, the fortran program opens up the data files
     and reads them, but has an error "908- can not open file" when it
     tries to write the data results to a file.
     I have changed file permissions so they are all 777 (anyone can read,
     write, execute) and the program is not working.
     The Fortran program outputs some status methods.  I can read these
     status messages back into my Vee program.
     Any one have any sugestions?