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VRf - Caller ID Software for HP 33120A

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 17, 1998

     I was wondering if anyone has attempted using an HP 33120A Function
Generator (or similar device) in FSK mode to generate Caller ID (or other FSK
information?) under HP Vee or HP Basic.  The Mark (1) frequency is 1200 Hz,
the Space (0) is 2200 Hz and the Baud Rate is 1200, which are all adjustable.
There is a TTL input on the back of this instrument which allows the
triggering of either mark or space, but I would perfer to program this in HP

     We are performing a test of how well a caller id interface works and need
to adjust (to min and max extremes) and record the three mentioned parameters

     Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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