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VRf - Tek scope - Bus Extender / speed problem?

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 9, 1999
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From:          Heiko Degenhardt (
To:          HP VEE Reflector (
Date:          Tue Mar  9 09:03:35 MET 1999
Subject:     VRf - Tek scope <-> Bus Extender / speed problem? 


I am trying to read the setup data off a TDS784D Scope.
The only way to do this is reading the "Learn String" (using
the "*LRN?" command). The Scope sends the data as a string
that includes all the commands with a ";" as delimiter.
The problem is: The transfer is allways corrupt, that means
there are characters missing in the string.
If I read the string as "token" with ";" as delimiter, it is
allways the first char following the ";" that is missed.
If I read the string char by char, then I miss chars somewhere
in the string.

I found out that our NI GPIB-140 Bus Extender seems to
be the problem, because if I read the data direct from the
scope into the PC (without the extender) everything is fine.
(May be it is a problem concerned with that extender and
our HPIB 82340 card?).

Is somebody else using such a bus extender?
Has someone else seen that problem with other instruments?

With kind regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen.