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Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 1998
Michael J. Sullivan wrote:

> We recently purchased a HPE 5503A Phase Noise Measurement System
> and are using it over our building LAN. We have 6 test stations, each testing
> a different product. These test stations have a Test Executive, which allows the
> operator to select from a list of test programs. Each test station has a Phase Noise
> Measurement program. We move the Measurement System from station to station,
> as needed by the operator. All of this is programmed in HP VEE 4.01.
> ( This System costs 150K, so you can see why we only bought one)
> My question/problem is this :
> One test station is using the System.
> A second station tries to run it's Phase Noise program, also trying to acquire the System.
> This could be by accident, or operator error. This System can only be used by one station
> at a time.
> Will this second station's session interfere with the one which is currently running?
> How can you stop anyone else from trying to acquire the System over the LAN?

I'm not sure what you mean by "acquire the System" ... is this an HPIB-based device
and you are using it over a LAN-HPIB gateway?

If so, your VEE program can include a Direct I/O object with an EXECUTE LOCK
transaction to ensure unique access to the system.  This lock will be released if you
do an EXECUTE UNLOCK or terminate the program.

[%%] regards -- gvg

> We are running VEE on Pentium 166 computers with Windows NT 4.0.
> The System is setup in a Win NT domain using the building LAN. We are controlling
> the System with Direct_IO and SCPI commands.
> This is the first time anyone in my building has tried this. The System and HP VEE
> works great ... I'm just not sure about possible interference from others on the network.
> Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.
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