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DDE Export to Excel

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 18, 1998

You can download two files, "macrofun.exe" and "macro97.exe" on the
Microsoft Ftp site : which can help you to write Excel
macros in Vee.

For exemple, if you want to open an existing Excel sheet, you can write this:
EXECUTE CMND:"[Open("Name.xls")]".
If you want to print it: EXECUTE CMND:"[Print(1,,,,,False,,,,,,3)]".

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>I would like to do some export from VEE 4 to Excel.
>Therefore I use a 'TO DDE' Object with "[Mappe1]Tabelle1" as the topic and
>WRITE ITEM:"Z1S1" TEXT "Test" EOL as a transaction.
>As you can see, this is country specific according to the Excel (Windows?)
>language version (mine is german so Z belongs to 'Zeile' = Row and S belongs
>to 'Spalte' =Column.
>So I managed to output some data. But I would like to do some more:
>- appending data to existing sheets
>- storing sheets
>- printing sheets
>Is there a list of topics and DDE commands Excel understands?
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