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HPIB timeout

Question asked by kozlov on Mar 9, 1999
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Hi, All

Some time ago I reported about my GPIB puzzle. Hewlett Packard HP33120A and
HP34970A refuse to work with HP Infinium scope connected to common GPIB card.

It seems to me that I found the reason of my HPIB puzzle. I executed my test
program on PC with HP 82335 card. All worked well indeed. I saved log of HPIB
Bus I/O Monitor and compared with log, which I obtained on my PC with National
Instruments GPIB card. I detected that error appeared during LF sending. I
looked into National Instruments GPIB SPY program, which allowed me to
track NI
488.2-driver work. I detected that NI driver sends a text of transaction using
single write function call. I divided text of transaction so as LF is sent by
separated write function call. After that error did not appear. It seems to me
that National Instruments GPIB card, which has faster transfer rate than
Hewlett Packard HPIB card, does not receive DAC signal from HP34970A or
HP33120A. I am going to use HPIB analyzer to determine the reason of this
fault. At present I found a simple way to escape described error. It is
necessary to use a blank space after text of transactions. I rebuilt my test
program in that way. After that all work well.

Yours sincerely,

Mikhail Kozlov