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Vrf-VEE Web Server Configuration

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 7, 1999
Try inserting this statement into index.html. If you link to a directory
that contains no index.html, but the directory has read access to the world,
then you'll get a view of the directory.

<P><A HREF="" ></A></P>

P.S. That's some old stuff hanging around out there on that server.

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Hello David,

     Thank you for writing.  Your suggestion would work, except that the
measurements / tests run unattended.  Each cycle generates a new file - so
your suggestion would require VEE to edit the HTML file with each run to add
a new link.  The web page would then increase without bound - Perhaps
there's a way to put the directory list in a list-box... I just haven't
figured that one out yet.



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Just edit the Index.html file in the web directory to include links to
download the files. That's the best thing about html and JavaScript, you can
find about a zillion examples on the internet, source code included.

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7 July 1999


        I'm having a little problem with the VEE web server.  My application
takes a series of measurements, exports the data to an EXCEL, and then saves
the file... to a web exported directory where people will be able access and
download the files... in theory.  The web servers I've had experience with
to date allow a user to view the directory contents (file list) unless
"index.html" exists, or the service is explicitly denied.  Does the VEE web
server have the capability to give a user a directory list (where a click on
the file-name initiates a download)?  If so, how do I enable it?