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VRF Circular Display (With History).

Question asked by VRFuser on May 27, 1998

     I have a test station that I have inherited from another designer. 
     My task is to develop a second test station using the Vee programs
     from station #1.  My problem:
     Station 1 is UNIX 9.0 running Vee 3.2
     Station 2 is UNIX 10.2 running Vee 4.0
     When I import the Vee files to station 2 and run Vee in 3.0
     compatibility mode, it takes at least twice as long to complete
     each routine.  REALLY SLOW!!  Should I expect this, or should I
     expect that Vee 4.0 running in 3.0 compatibility mode would process
     through at the same rate as if it was running on a 3.2 station?
     Please help. 
     Michelle Farris
     Test Engineer
     Stellex Microwave Systems
     3333 Hillview Ave
     Palo Alto, CA  94304