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file problems

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 19, 1998
Hi all:

        One year ago, we installed an VEE application  with a distributed
architecture. Part of the application run
        in a HP-9000 machine with HP-UX 9.02. The rest of the application
run in several PCs with windows 3.11.
        Basically, the HP-UX application generate operator request for
controlling equipment and the PCs are in charge
        to execute the commands requested and provide equipment status
information. The information exchange is                         performed
by sharing files in a directory on the Hp-9000 and for this purpose we used
PC-NFS 5.1. Some months                         ago, we needed to add more
PCs and we installed in all the PCs a new product Solstice 3.01 that
substituted                                 PC-NFS 5.0. From that moment on
problems appear. .
        The most frequent error is 706,(end of file or not match found), and
from time to time the 727, (bad system file
        number). We have tryed to reproduce the errors in a controlled
environment: for example the 706 error appears if
you try to read a file twice and you do not close the file after reading the
first time. Nevertheless, in our
        case the file generator process rewind and close the file. and the
reader  process first of all rewind and then
        read the file with a "from dataset". We have tried reading with a
"from file" but the problems still arise
although not so often. Editing the files shows that information is complete
and correct as expected.
        We could suppose that the problem is due to Solstice but:
        - If we extract the module that performs the reading from the whole
program and create a new vee program, in the
        isolated module we get one reading error in about 12000 readings.
        - The number of reading errors when the module is inside the whole
program is of one in about 50 readings.
- Furthermore, if you chain another "from dataset" to the error output of
the first "from dataset" (with rewind          and close in both cases),
again fails but 10 times in about 9000 readings.

        Can anybody guess what is happening or gave us a list of possible
causes for both error messages?    
                Thanks in advance