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Interactive between browser and VEE server

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 9, 1999
I have suggestions rather than known solutions, but since Curtis & Yvette
Benham [] just posted a similar question, and no
one jumped in, I'll throw my idea out there if anyone wants to shoot it down
or hype it up. Labview already contains this feature so I bet HP VEE won't
be far behind. But for now.

The vee server is a web monitor only communicating over port 80. That's a
one way deal.

To have interactive control the vee program would have to bind another
socket. See the TO/FROM socket object. In order to prompt the user, on the
vee side you'd have to bind the socket and wait for the input from the
client. Then, on the other side, I think what I would do is write a java
applet that I could put on a regular web server, that contained the
interface. Java contains functions to connect to sockets and makes
internetwork communication easy. So the applet would contain prompts, whose
input would be sent to vee over a TCP socket. Then, vee would send the
result of that action back to the applet for display.

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Subject: Interactive between browser and VEE server

Dear all,
     The <mfgtest.vee> in examplesapps directory is a VEE server
     We can use the browser to remote monitor the test result in Client
     How to implement a interactive interface to activate the
     reply the test result for us, and how to remote control what the
test result
     we want to show.

     The VB script or Java script can help me to implement a Client PC
     but how to create the VEE server program to interactive?

     I would be grateful to receive any clues or suggestion....

Best Regards,
Eric Lee
SIEMENS Telecommunication Systems Limited