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VRF-I/O time-out error

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 2, 1998

      I also use the RS232 com port alot. I am using version 3.1, but
   maybe these thoughts may help:

    1. In the device driver setup there is a TIME OUT parameter, maybe
       this is set for a wrong amount of time. " 9600 baud is kinda
       slow compared to IEEE488 "

    2. The number of characters from the RS232 device can not be greater
       the number of characters the transaction READ statement
       Even the lable data has to be accounted for.

             Maybe, in your case an extra character would
       signify a new read, which would not get proccessed till the
       next read transaction."a half hour later"
             If the "TIME OUT ERROR" appears to go away, when you sample
       data at a greater speed, then this may be your problem.
            This problem may also cause that mean-old "missed" or
       "anomalous data" bug.

    3. The "BUSS I/O monitor" can be a great help to determine when the
       actually occurs. I have also found the logging alphanumeric

                                   Good Luck,
                                                 Karl Schmeer
                                               SHIRE Industrial