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Searching the HPIB-bus for connected instruments.

Question asked by aufenanger on Jan 18, 1999
Dear Albert,

I don't think there is another method. But you can set your timeout
programmatically to 0.5 seconds that gives all online devices enough time to
answer and all the thing is not to time consuming.

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     Subject:     Searching the HPIB-bus for connected instruments.
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     Hello all,

     I want to scan de HPIB-bus for connected instruments. At this moment

     i use the bus time-out to see if there is an instrument connected at
     that adres.
     This procedure takes a long time to complete.( when you check al
     possible adresses)
     Does anyone know a better and faster idea?
     We can't use VEE.IO to see which instuments are connected.

     Albert Kok
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     CMG Noord-Nederland B.V
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