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VRF - Help with importing NIDAQ card

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 25, 1999
Since the library is loading okay (as evidenced by being able to see all  
of the functions available when you do a load lib), it sounds like the  
problem is in the execution of the DIG_Prt_Config or DIG_Out_Port  
functions.  Are the outputs of these functions "0"?  All of the NI-Daq  
functions output a "0" if they executed without any errors or else an  
error code if there's a problem.  If the output is other than "0" you can  
check the error code in the NI-DAQ Function Reference manual to try to  
diagnose the problem.  It's a good idea to trap this output and run it  
through an IF-THEN-ELSE to confirm that it's a "0" before proceeding with  
the program.  Otherwise, I think it just hangs up, as you described -  
although it's been a long time since I've seen an error.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Stanley
Airsys ATM Inc

Sent:  Monday, January 25, 1999 3:47 PM
To:; Stanley, Dennis
Subject:  VRF - Help with importing NIDAQ card libraries

I need some help getting the *.dll and *.h file  for National  
DIO-96 card into HPVee 5.0. I used the *.h file modified by Dennis  
of Airsys ATM Inc. for WIN 95. I am using an HP Vectra with Window NT  
This is the first time I have done something like this.

When I do an import library, I get a box into which I specified the file
idaq32.dll" and the definition file,
"....MyProgramsWDAQ_95.h".  When I do the import lib, I get a list of
function names under "compiled functions" in the program explorer. In the  

same Vee window, I pulled in a couple of NIDAQ functions, DIG_Prt_Config
and DIG_Out_Port, provided inputs and started the program running.

I have not gotten this to work. When I included the import library box
into the execution of the program, the program hangs. If I put a start
button at the top of my function calls only (leaving out the import lib
box), I get an error, "Function not loadable", on the first function  

How do I do this correctly?

Thank you,
Nancy Moreyra

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