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Easy installation of runtime and io-lib for customers

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 26, 1999
Hello !

Using VEE 5.0 to write measurement and control software for customers with a
Win 95/98 system, I have to create a CD-R for distribution containing all
necessary libs and files combined with a comfortable way for the customers to
install these.

Up to know, they have to install the runtime, to install the io-lib, to install
updates, to configure the io-lib, to copy the application .vxe and to
the runtime directory and to create a reference to the vxe on the desktop or
the start menu for easy access to the application. This takes many steps and
decisions where the customer can make many faults.

Has anybody tried to repack the whole thing with Install Shield and to setup
the io-configuration programmatically ? Any idea ?

I would appreciate any response


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