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vrf VISA over LAN

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 10, 2001
Hi there,
I can't get my devices working over an E2050A Gateway with VXI
PnP driver. Direct I/O works and the protocol description says
VISA should work too, but not in my case.

Here's my config.
Soft -> W2K,VEE6.01Pro,I/O Lib's K01
Hard -> PIII650, 82350PCI, E2050A, GPIB Instr. ( i.e.
33120,36321...), VXI Mainframe ( 1406,1415..)

I/O Config
Gpib0 hpib7 (local 82350)
Gpib1     visa lan client
TcpIp0     lan client

When I send a pnp reset (as example) to any of my instruments
using the GPIB1::xx::xx::INSTR  instrument string the returning
message is 'Resouce not found '.

Is there anyone using VXI PnP driver ( VISA ) over LAN and would
share his config ?
Any other help is appreciated.
Thank in advance

Woermannkehre 1
D 12359 Berlin - Neuklln
Tel.: +49 30 689 05 - 301

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