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Vrf - Problem with direct I/O to devices on Com3

Question asked by VRFuser on May 11, 1998
I've got three instruments that Vee's controlling using PC's Com ports.
Com1 and Com2 work fine together but when I try to send a SCPI command to
Com3, Vee gets a timeout error.  Com3 works fine, so long as Com1 is not
used in the same program.

I'm not trying to read data from Com3 (yet).  Com1 and Com3 share IRQ4 which
I believe is normal and works OK with other programs that I have tested.
The Com ports have been configured to logical addresses 9, 10 and 11.

Has anyone had any experience with setting up more than two com ports ?

If I can't get this simple problem solved soon I'll write a DLL to do the
job and pass SCPI commands as string.

Jonathan Guy
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Auckland, New Zealand
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