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VRF - 3D Plots

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 1, 1999
Greg (et al),
     I've found that I can use Matlab to do this 3-D plotting but I'd
rather not use our (limited) Matlab licenses for this. However I'm now
trying to use Olectra Chart 5.02, which is Active-X compliant and was
hoping that someone else on the list might have some experience
with this ?

My problem is in trying to get any data into the chart, I can do this point
by point but that is going to be *very* slow.

Also, whenever the tread is complete the chart reverts to its original

Any suggestions welcome.


On Thursday, January 28, 1999 6:08 PM, Greg Goebel  wrote:
> Jon Dunsdon wrote:
> >
> > Greg,
> >         Thanks for that but it would appear that whilst that will draw
> > a 3-D looking graph it will only represent 2-D data - maybe there
> > is something I've missed ?
> >
> > Jon
> In addition to the answer I sent privately suggesting how multiple 2D data
> sets could be used to provide a 3D plot, I recollect hearing that the
> latest versions of advanced math-graphics packages like Mathematica are
> ActiveX enabled.
> Possibly there is a Mathematica fan out there who knows more?
> The capabilities of Mathematica are way beyond what we could provide in
> VEE.  This is one of the reasons why we never got around to doing a 3D
> plot object; taking the first step would have quickly led to many others
> as the domain of 3D graphics is fairly formidable.
> A fellow who used to be on the project team went to another HP division one
> time and had a manager tell him they wanted a waterfall diagram in VEE.
> While he was saying that, an employee of the manager standing behind him
> started waving his arms wildly and shaking his head back and forth, mouthing
> NO NO NO NO NO NO silently.
> Our guy chatted with the employee later and was told that their group had
> done a waterfall diagram, and it turned out the user needs were
> complicated and diverse to the extent that it took them a year or two and
> many revisions to get it right. 
> I think that with the rising importance of ActiveX controls, however,
> somebody who has the experience is likely to make a waterfall diagram and
> help get a solution that there have been persistent and perfectly rational
> requests for.
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>     Greg Goebel
>     HP MXD Marketing (HP only)