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Antwort: Bug with ActiveX ListView/Imagelist (?)

Question asked by VRFuser on May 8, 1999
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Subject: Antwort: VRF: Bug with ActiveX ListView/Imagelist (?)

> Hello Georg,
> I have had the same problem, and no solution to delete the bitmaps. But in
> the Runtime Version the number of pictures wouldn't doubled. Maybe make an
> secured Library File(vxe) and implement the function with the pictures.
> Greetings
> Ralf
Thanks for the idea, Ralf!

I had a different workaround, as I wrote in another message.

But - please listen HP - it seems to me that ActiveX is impemented very
poorly in VEE!

And I also miss an assistance in delivering ActiveX-Controls with my
all those things about ocx-files, licencing keys, registering, dependencies

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