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VRf - File I/O Trouble

Question asked by VRFuser on May 13, 1998

The reason I gave up trying to run VEE on a Win 95 platform was occasional
errors and crashes I could not explain, nor get help for because they were too
infrequent and not repeatable.  After switching to Windows NT 3.51 (then later
to NT 4.0), I have had ZERO "unexplained" problems or crashes and I use file I/O
to log test data on over 100,000 transistors each month.

I have found 95 to be OK for short tests, but it can't seem to handle running
months on end like NT can.  Time will tell if Win 98 is better at this.  Can't
promise this will solve your problem, but it sure worked for me.

Mike Groves
Ericsson Inc.
Morgan Hill, Ca

Original text follows:

Here is the situation:

Data from multiple instruments written to a log file for days on end (or that's
the intention).  Every aspect of the program checked and double checked for
memory leaks.  The culprit appears to be the File I/O object itself, or rather
the transactions within the object.  NOPing all the transactions so the object
remains in the program but does nothing makes the program happy.  Allow the
transactions to execute, thus actually writing to the log file, and the program
hangs after 12 hours or so.  Making any fancy formulas external to the object,
i.e. not performing any formulas within a transaction, has no effect.  All input
pins set to both their respective data types and any with no effect.  All
variables are scalar.  Changing the
format of the transactions to their respective data type or string has no
effect.  By "no effect" I mean the program still hangs with these settings.  If
a reboot is attempted, Win95 responds with "System is waiting for the close
program dialog box to close" even though that dialog box is never present.  Is
this a bug in VEE 4.01 or am I overlooking something really stupid?

Any help would be appreciated.

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