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VRF profiler

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 2, 1999
By using the timer object you can connect t1 to any starting point and t2 to
any finish point. It's a little quirky though, meaning that sometimes it
does not work the way you expect it. You have to hook it up just right.
Sometimes it helps to add a constant in the sequence and put it's data to t1
and then take t2 to the sequence point you want to stop at.

Profiler times should not be taken too seriously. Instead, use it
comparatively. I used the profiler a lot to optimize a process. It is
valuable to spot functions that are slow. If there are loops in any
functions, they'll show up there. When used in this way, it is advantageous
not to have cumulative times. Once, I ran it on a function that manipulated
some data lines that I could read with an oscilloscope. It seems to me that
I remember it's accuracy to be from 10-15ms give or take.

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> Hi, all
> I try to optimize my program using VEE profiler. To my regret I can?t see
> full
> time of function execution. I see only the time, which doesn?t contain
> execution time of function and UserObject, which are called from my
> function.
> Is there any way to see full time of function execution?
> Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
> With best regards,
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