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VrF: SRQ usage on a GPIB interface

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 17, 1999
Hello All.
I am trying to communicate to a test instrument, and I would like to use the
SRQ feature.  I am able to communicate by sending commands and reading data,
but I get no response on the SRQ.  In VEE 5.0 I used the SRQ interface event
set to wait.  It is my understanding that the SRQ interface event will then
wait until a SRQ is generated.  I get no response.  I did command the test
instrument to generate a SRQ, but still no response. 
Using the SRQ feature is new to me, and I most likely do not have the GPIB
board configured correctly.  I am using the HP82341 as the controller, and I
am running NT4.0 operating system.  I did look up the I/O configure for the
GPIB board and notice that it has interrupt 15 selected.  Can someone give
me a better understanding of SRQ usage with VEE 5.0 and some setup
information using NT 4.0 operating system. 

Michael R Mancuso
EDO Ceramics
SLC UT. 84115
phone: 801-486-7481 ext. 382..