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VRF- Sequencer Transaction Evaluation

Question asked by michael.asbery on Jun 8, 1999

I was trying to implement a sequencer transaction using functions I had
written and ran into the following problems:

Transaction: test1
Evaluate :    Limit  == nil
Function: do_something(arg)
If Pass : return 1
If fail call: display_error(test1.result)   -  Error: test1.result

My function has the characteristic of returning a nil (nothing) if the
function executes correctly, and returns an hpvee error record ( output
from the errorInfo() function), if the function fails.

When debugging his transaction I found that the sequencer object returns
the following:

Error Code 603: Type Sequencer,  Variable Not Found: nil

If I Change the Evaluate to Limit == 9 ( or any other value) This
transaction returns:

Sequencer Transaction Escape: 0 , Error Code:0, Type Sequencer

Has anyone been able to get a sequencer object to operate on a nil value?
Secondly in the above example : will the Return value for the self
generated error be able to return a vee record object rather that an integer?

About the only workaround I can think of is to create a little function
that has two inputs: function and argument, contains a formula object that
builds a formula from these inputs - feeds them to a formula input pin on
another formula object, and then have the function output a 1 or 0 based on
wether the function passed or failed.  These values could then be evaluated
in the sequencer transaction.

Can anyone think of a solution to this problem as well as answer my questions?

Thanks in advance

Mike Asbery
Michael Asbery
US Naval Research Lab
Code 5733.20, 4555 Overlook Ave SW Washington DC 20375