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Question asked by aufenanger on Feb 18, 1999
Dear Greg,

a Setup Wizard would be also very helpful for us, as we are developing
individual programs for our customers. That would make VEE solutions very
professional. I don't think it's a problem if it is tricky.

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Georg Nied wrote:
> Hello again,
> If I want to deliver my compiled vee-program to a customer I have to
> install quite a few programs:
> HP IO Libraries, VEE 5.0 Runtime, 5.0 to 5.01 Runtime Patch and
> finally my own software.
> Now to the question:
> How do I distribute all the Software?
> Can I put all together on a new cd, and am I allowed to do this?


Yes, as long as it is prominently identified as HP and the revisions are

> Is there a whitepaper from HP, wich gives some help here?
> I think it would be a good thing, if HP could give developers a piece
> of software wich collects by dialog all neccessary things, perhaps
> including a file.

It's been considered but a Setup Wizard is a bit tricky.

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