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vrf Delay , without other programs being delayed. Is it

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 7, 1999

From: Ted Sears

Kjeld Alexander,

Yes!  You can call a Win32 API instead of using a VEE delay object.

The Win32 API is called Sleep() and you can pass a value in milliseconds to
it or create a Formula box to enter the real number of seconds you intend
to delay and multiply by 1000.

ie:   10.5 seconds x 1000 would pass 10500 to the Sleep() API.

This DLL uses ZERO CPU time during execution compared with 100 percent CPU
time using VEE delay objects.

In a multi-window VEE application the VEE delay objects starve all other
Windows applications for CPU time.  I have used this technique to keep
maximum CPU time available for an application that uses 3 VEE windows and
MSAccess running concurrently.

The only down side is that the Sleep() function puts the whole VEE
application to "sleep" for the duration of the delay since VEE is a single
threaded application.

I have published this technique to HP VEE and it appeared in a recent
EXCHANGE publication from Greg Goebel at HP VEE support and it was on the
VEE web site somewhere with an explanation from Greg.

Hope this helps.


Ted Sears

Eastman Kodak

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