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AW: adding a picture to the display panel

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 28, 1999
HPVEE is only able to read Gif 87a pictures (older version of GIF-Formats).
Newer GIF pictures have normally the version GIF89 and cannot be used
with HPVEE.
You can look up the version of your picture by opening it in
notepad. The first bytes should show you which version your
GIF-Files are.

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> Von:     Dean M. Van Etten []
> Gesendet am:     Mittwoch, 28. Juli 1999 15:24
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> Betreff:     adding a picture to the display panel
> Hello,
> I tried to add a background picture to my display panel and got an error
> message #729 "Unknown Pixmap Format"
> the picture format is a gif.
> I am using windows NT.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks