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Problem with CW measurement using Network analyser

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 12, 1999

Shooting from the hip on this one, I noticed you have an error output
pin on the 8753 box that is not being monitored.  Could VEE be timing
out waiting for results from the longer sweeps and you not know it?

Mike Groves
Ericsson Inc.

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Subject: Problem with CW measurement using Network analyser

Hi all,

I am trying to do some antenna measurement using HP8753D network analyser
and VEE ver 5. I am doing countinous frequency at 5.2Ghz for a sweep time of
3s, 4s, .....etc uo tp 10s. Every time I call the corresponding instrument
state register for varous sweep time

I use the attached program to do this measurement and to save the data in
the text file. The program calls the instrument state form the file stored
in the analyser.

The problem is this.
The program works well for sweep time 3s and 4s. When I uses the "Regfile"
for 5s and run the program, no file names get saved. Also I could not see
any data in the "Data values" display.

When I use 6s sweep time, file names 1001.txt and 1004.txt gets saved, no
other file names in between or after get saved .

Similar things happens at 7s and 10s.

<<Countinous measurement final with motor.vee>>

Following are the settings on the analyser
No of points : 801
Lin mag
CW 5.2Ghz

I really appreciate any help in solving this problem.

Best Regards
Santhosh Kumar
National University of singapore