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More on multi-thread question

Question asked by bwalden on Aug 18, 1999
Hi Bern, Richard, Greg, David and others,

Oops, I forgot to mention that my secondary threads are all
UserFunctions that do not contain breaks.  Only one will run if sequence
pins are used, either connected in series or in parallel.  I want to use
UserFunctions because I want to load them from a library specific to the
machine the code is running on.  This is actually one of the tasks
accomplished by the first thread.

David's suggestion about using a "start flag" does appear to be workable
in my situation.  However, the responses from the rest of you made me
think about why these functions don't have "breaks" and whether it would
be a problem if they did.  Anybody that's been reading my previous
messages has probably guessed that my functions are monitoring serial
ports. I'm using "no-wait" DAV events so these functions should return
if there is no input available - I wonder why they don't.

Thanks for your help.