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Help please: anyone using PICO parallel port ADC-12 with VEE5

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 16, 1999
You can use the Import Library object set to compiled Library to import the
DLL functions and make calls to them. Two problems.

1. You need to make a prototype file for the function calls. Often,
manufactures have their own datatypes for function calls, like NIint16 for
example, for Natinst 16 bit integer. Not that that's what it is, I don't
know. But to VEE long will do. So you modify the .h file they gave you which
used to have function calls like,

Specialcharstring dothesuperduperwizbang(ourInt voltage, ourcharstring


char* dothesuperduperwizbang(long voltage, char* Instname)

and save it as whatever, then point the import library definition file to it
and the Filename to the DLL. Or maybe they used standard datatypes that vee
understands and you don't have to do anything.

2. How was the dll compiled, sometimes dll's compiled as C++ libraries can
be the victims of name mangling. I don't know why, or how it happens it just
does. To see if your functions have fallen victim use quick view (not under
Win98) and look for the export table. If they are clean you're fine,
otherwise you need to get the source and re-compile with the Extern "C" and
_declspec(dllexport) directives.


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Hi to all,
does anyone have any experience with using a PICO Instruments ADC-12,
parallel port a to d device with VEE5?
I have some DLL's provided with the hardware, but am not sure how to use
them with a VEE front end.
Sorry if this seems a little basic.
Any help or links would be of great help. (as usual, LabView is supported,
but not VEE directly).
John Byrne. R&D, Microlights Ltd, UK.