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vrf Vee 5.01 run time error - other runtime questions.

Question asked by aufenanger on Oct 19, 1999
Dear Nick,

on my computer I have no problems to turn the serial port to life modus. Did
you check the IO-Config program what happens with your serial port. Some
times it helps only to copy the file from the system where you
developed the program to the target system to switch the drivers to life

Starting the runtime version in a maximized window is sometimes a little
tricky. I don't really understand the rules. Sometimes it works if you
nearly maximize the window in the development environment and save it.
Besides this a double click in the title bar will maximize the window. But
that is not a real good help I know.

Best regards
B. Aufenanger

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Dear All
I found my Veerun file load problem, I had default preferences for the
development system set with "Binary Run Time File Format" checked. As soon
as I cleared this and re-saved, I could run the .vxe files.
Another question on runtime. I am running Veerun on the same system as my
development version of Vee. When I run a program in runtime, it does not
find my Vee.IO file. If I run Veerun -ioconfig, I can see that it has no
instrument configuration loaded. I can create a configuration here for a
serial port instrument for example. The only problem is I cannot set it to
live mode. Does anyone know why this might be or how I can get Veerun to
look at the same instrument configuration file as the development system?
Second question. Apart from the command line options, is there anyway to get
Veerun to automatically start a program in a maximized window?
Thanks for any help.
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