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vrf New to the maillist...VEE classes

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 5, 1999
> Subject: vrf New to the maillist...
>  I'm new to this list, I've just started using HP VEE, this is my
> first time using VEE.  Should I take the Hp training class or
> would I be
> able to manage with manuals learning this software.
>  I've been using NI's Labview at my previous company,  my new
> place they bought the looks pretty good more functions than
> Labview.....but very expensive for training class.
>  give me some suggestion.  I live in Santa Clara, HP doesn't
> offer intro and advanced classes my knowledge.

You can get a detailed course agenda for the VEE classes from the following

Classes are held frequently around the US.  Below are the schedules for the
remainder of the year.  There is an Introduction to HP VEE class in Santa Clara
starting December 7.

Introduction to HP VEE:

October 19, 1999 at Detroit, Michigan
October 26, 1999 at Rochester, New York
November 01, 1999 at Atlanta, Georgia
November 09, 1999 at San Diego, California
November 16, 1999 at Boston, Massachusetts
November 16, 1999 at Ontario, Canada
December 07, 1999 at Phoenix, Arizona
December 07, 1999 at Santa Clara, California
December 14, 1999 at Richardson, Texas

Advanced HP VEE:

October 25, 1999 at Detroit, Michigan
November 23, 1999 at Ontario, Canada
December 14, 1999 at Phoenix, Arizona

Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul

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