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vrf data from file to printer

Question asked by michael.asbery on Oct 19, 1999
At 11:40 AM 10/20/1999 +0200, wrote:
>Hello dear All,
>I have written a kind of testreport to a file.
>At the end of the oder I like to get an hardcopy (on one of the network
>of the file. How can I realize it.

I have an Idea that should work if your test reports are basically ASCII files:

Use the Execute Program (PC) object and give it the following dos command:

type filename.txt > lpt1

(Under NT I believe you have to use type filename.txt > lpt1)

or unix(with the execute Program (Unix) object)

cat filename.txt | lp

This method relies on your network printer being installed on your system
as device lpt1 or under unix the printout will go to the default lp device.

If your reports are more complicated (ie ms word/excel reports) you should
be able to use an activex control to invoke the print method within those
applications. ( I haven't done this but others probably have.)

hope this helps

Mike Asbery
Michael N. Asbery, NRL Code 5733.20, (202)404-3014, DSN 357 fax (202)404-7661          

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