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VRf: Fitting a sinus to data

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 21, 1999

Within some limits, the easier and most obvious way is to use the fft
built into VEE.  You don't go into details on the signal, but in the
general case, the fft will do a pretty good job, if the signal is a
sine with a frequency close to that of a bin of the fft.  There are
some tricks to padding making the fit better if the data is a limited
number of points.  The fft will give a sum of sine and cosine rather
than sine and phase, but a little trig will solve that for you if you

This should get you started.


> Hello,
> I'm creating a program in VEE 5.01 that reads an unknown sine
> signal from a data-logger. I would like to fit a sine-curve to the data,
> but I can not see how that i possible.
>  It is my idea to get a sine function like a*sin(b*t+c)+d
> Any good ideas?
> Sincerely,
>  Martin E. Nielsen