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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 20, 1999
Hello Richard,
     Step1: You need to implement a DLL program and import
               the vender's DLL by yourself.

     Step2:  Change the function's parameter to suit VEE data type
          like you writed.

                That is important you must solve the conversion from
          [char *] to vender's [char HUGE *].

     Step3: VEE import your DLL and you make a indirect call to Vender's

     The key point is you must convert the data type to fit the demand
     VEE and vender's library.

     I think it should be able to do that.
     Because I have used another vender's library to do my job.

     Good luck!

Best Regards,
Eric Lee

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> D:      VRf- Need Help
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> From Richard Soucy
> I am currently working on a machine vision positioning control system,
> using
> VEE501, on a Win95 machine, and using a 32bit DLL supplied with the vision
> board. I am having some trouble with the data type definitions for the
> Vendors DLL. I am using Integral Technologies, Inc. FlashPoint Intrigue
> Developer Kit 2.6 May 26,1998 and a FlashPoint Intrigue plus Frame Grabber
> board.
> When I create my definitions file I have to modify the call parameters to
> work with VEE.(See below).
> I am having problems with the char HUGE *hpPixBuf. I am unclear what data
> type I would need to define. This will be the Pixelbuffer for the acquired
> video copied to memory. I have just found out that the data is stored as
> data?
> At times I will get the "Red screen" when I attempt to copy the live video
> to memory with this call and nWidth=560, nHeight=100.  If I try nWidth=10,
> nHeight=10, then the call is successful.
> I believe the error is due to improper memory allocation for the variable
> hpPixBuf.
> I'm sure there is someone that has experience with PCI frame grabber
> boards
> and VEE. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
> Example:
> (Original Vender definition)
> SHORT WINAPI FPV_CopyVGARect(const SHORT nX, const SHORT nY, const SHORT
> nWidth, const SHORT nHeight, char HUGE *hpPixBuf, SHORT nPitch, SHORT
> bFromVGA);
> (Modified for VEE)
> int FPV_CopyVGARect(short nX, short nY, short nWidth, short nHeight, char
> *hpPixBuf, short nPitch, short bFromVGA)
> Regards
> Richard Soucy
> NDA Tech
> GE Nuclear Energy
> Richard.Soucy@GENE.GE.COM
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