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'Visible' property?

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 22, 1999
Does anyone know of a good way to implement the  Visual Basic
'Visible' object property with objects in HP VEE?

Basically, I want things to become visible based on the users actions.
I want to keep all of the controls in 1 UserFunction because there are
many different combinations of objects (i.e. I don't want 50 different
UserFunctions, each with it's own small panel).

For example, in Visual Basic I kept controls for an HP4275 in one 'Panel',
and a set of controls for an HP4284 in another 'Panel'.  Only one set of
controls would be visible at a time based on the users input.  These two
'Panels' were located on the same Form.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I am currently working on an implementation of the HP4156 and this would
be really handy.



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