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LAN HPIB Gateway

Question asked by klingenberg on Aug 24, 1999

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Van: Robert Rais <>
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Verzonden: dinsdag 24 augustus 1999 8:30
Onderwerp: VRF: LAN HPIB Gateway

Has anyone configured a LAN HPIB gateway before. I am evaluating one and
having minor difficulties.  Any help would be appreciated.

Robert Rais
Yazaki North America Inc.
Testing and Reliability
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Yes, Robert

We have HP E2050A HP/IB - LAN gateways with different data acquisition
systems ( HP 34970A and HP 3852A ) on one HP Vectra PC with Windows NT4.

We worked with gateways on two ways:
- a network from BNC coax cable ( RG58) and 50 ohm  resistence (R404 441) at
both ends of the cable.
- a network from twisted pair cable .

You have to give the gateways different  IP addresses. This you can do with

In the HOSTS file  ( c:winntsystem32driversetchosts )  you have to map
the IP addresses.

For the application HPVEE, you have to configured in HP_IO_libraries
IO_config)  a LAN Client.

In HPVEE  (version 5.01)  you have to change in the instrument manager
I/O) ( edit instrument,  device configuration ) the gateway item from "this
host" in the new IP address.


Jan Klingenberg
The Netherlands

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