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VRf- Need Help

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 20, 1999

Your prototype looks good.  In the 32-bit world of Win95+, you don't need to
worry about _huge anymore, that's a holdover from the 16-bit Windows 3.1

To allocate the char* array in VEE, do NOT use a text constant.  There is an
easy way to allocate the array, but it is Extremely Non-Obvious

Bring up a Formula, delete the 'a' input.  Change the Formula Expression to
something like

256 * "c"   // allocate a string 256 chars long


1024 * "tr"  // allocate a string 2048 chars long

You get the point -- just multiply a string by a number to get that number
of characters (bytes) allocated.  You can look at the output of the Formula
to see what I mean.  It doesn't matter what particular character you use to
fill the string with.  Pass this into the char* input of your Call Function

Hope this helps!
Sue Wolber

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Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 1999 5:40 PM
Subject: VRf- Need Help

>From Richard Soucy

I am currently working on a machine vision positioning control system, using

VEE501, on a Win95 machine, and using a 32bit DLL supplied with the vision
board. I am having some trouble with the data type definitions for the
Vendors DLL. I am using Integral Technologies, Inc. FlashPoint Intrigue VGA
Developer Kit 2.6 May 26,1998 and a FlashPoint Intrigue plus Frame Grabber

When I create my definitions file I have to modify the call parameters to
work with VEE.(See below).
I am having problems with the char HUGE *hpPixBuf. I am unclear what data
type I would need to define. This will be the Pixelbuffer for the acquired
video copied to memory. I have just found out that the data is stored as YUV

At times I will get the "Red screen" when I attempt to copy the live video
to memory with this call and nWidth=560, nHeight=100.  If I try nWidth=10,
nHeight=10, then the call is successful.
I believe the error is due to improper memory allocation for the variable

I'm sure there is someone that has experience with PCI frame grabber boards
and VEE. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


(Original Vender definition)
SHORT WINAPI FPV_CopyVGARect(const SHORT nX, const SHORT nY, const SHORT
nWidth, const SHORT nHeight, char HUGE *hpPixBuf, SHORT nPitch, SHORT

(Modified for VEE)
int FPV_CopyVGARect(short nX, short nY, short nWidth, short nHeight, char
*hpPixBuf, short nPitch, short bFromVGA)


Richard Soucy
NDA Tech
GE Nuclear Energy

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