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ActiveX error messages

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 3, 1999
Hi Barrie.

> Can anybody tell me how to trap an error message from an ActiveX
> control?  I need to see the error number before Vee reacts to it and

Welp, it's not that easy unfortunately. Use error pins on any formulae that
manipulate the control. The error pin will of course always show VEE's error
number. Stick an errorInfo formula on the error pin. This outputs a record
with detailed information.

Here's the unfortunate part. The information you want is in the .more
member, and it's in text format. The .more member is a 1D text array with
the COM error number in subscript 0. It looks like this:

System error code: 0x80020006 (-2147352570)

So of course you have to parse out the number & then take appropriate

Shawn Fessenden
Mgr., Technical Support
Oswego Software, Inc.