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vrf VEE upgrade path for HP-UX (Y2K issue)

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 7, 1999
Hello everybody,

This is a repost to the new list.

We are presently in the process of converting four (4) hp715 workstations
running HP-UX 9.x to 10.x to solve the Y2K issue. It seens that we will
have to reinstall from scratch hp-ux 10.2 on three of our stations that
are running HP-UX 9.07 with a missing fileset (DDA-SHLIBS) that we
cannot reload because the upgrade program crashes without that fileset
(it was not installed at the factory).

We are running VEE 3.12 with extensive use of the SICL library (HP-IB
cards and LAN/HPIB gateways) and TCP sockets. We do not want to modify
our VEE 3.12 programs.

1) Would it be possible to convert our 3.12 DAT tapes from /etc/update format
   to software depot (SD) format and reinstall 3.12 on HP-UX 10.2 ? Will
   all the SICL libraries be compatible with HP-UX 10.2.

2) Would it be possible to have VEE 3.12 on DAT tape or CD-ROM for HP-UX 10.2 ?

3) If we upgrade to VEE 5.0, will all of our VEE 3.12 software work without
   modification ?

Thanks for your help.

Louis Lamarche
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