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vrf - More on ActiveX Control Regist

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 20, 1999

Hi All,

I would like to thank James Atkin for sharing his ActiveX trials with all  
of us.

A simple question emerges and I am interested in other peoples input.

Is ActiveX worth the hassle?

Steve Mackin
Endgate Corporation
(408) 737-7300 x237

From:  James Atkin
Sent:  Wednesday, July 21, 1999 7:29 AM
To:  hpvxd_xc
Subject:  vrf - More on ActiveX Control Registrat

Hi all,

Further to my previous EMail regarding the Registration of ActiveX  
Controls, I
have posted the following message to a Microsoft Newsgroup  .... waiting  
answer ...

I am using Hewlett Packard's HP Vee Development Software (for Test and
Purposes). Their software allows the use of ActiveX controls, and in my  
specifically the Common Dialog and Rich Text Box (from VS6 with SP3) -  
Under Windows 95.

Vee does not fully support ActiveX controls which need to be Registered  
this is the case), so somehow, all the machines running the Vee software  
to have these two controls installed and registered (I assume in the  

I have tried several methods to Register ActiveX components on our target
with varying success.

The only method I have got to work flawlessly so far is to install Visual
with Custom install - Select ONLY the ActiveX components (i.e. No  
languages, development tools etc)

How does this stand with regards to for Visual Studio Licensing ?

I have none of the actual package installed, and I am using only the  
distributable OCX files ?

We use Novell Application Launcher to produce 'Patch' files for stations.  
patch method eliminates the need to use the Visual Studio Setup program,  
will simply update the registry and Add/Delete files as specified in the

The only files which will be installed are the 'differences' were between
and 'After' The ActiveX Components have been installed.

Anyone have any comments on this, or advice as to whom to contact  
Licensing Issues ?

If this is a licensing issue, is the ActiveX components module available  
as a
single unlicensed setup program ?

Thanks for any advice,



Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:07:44 +0100
From: James Atkin <>
To: hpvxd_xc <>
Subject: vrf - More on ActiveX Control Registration