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vrf Configuration of E2050A in HPVEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 8, 1999
Lambert Smidt wrote:

> Hi all
> We have bought a LAN/HP-IB gateway E2050A and now I try
> to use it with HP-VEE
> But when I use IO/Instrument Manager/Auto Configure I always
> get The INstrument did not repond.
> My question Is there a cookbook to configure the interface in
> I work under HPUX10.2 VEE5.0 I'm able to conect with the gateway
> by telnet and I hve made the necessary things in the SICL configuration

Hi Lambert,

I do not know if you have configured your workstation as a Lan Client. In
my WS (HP-UX 10.20, WS B180L, HP-VEE 5.0), I had to execute the following
command line:


After doing that you should be able to command an equipment with HPIB
interface connected through the LAN/HPIB gateway, but you must define this
equipment in the I/O instrument manager and specify "gateway_hostname" (as
defined in your "/etc/hosts" file) in the "gateway" option. I do not know
if there is a way to talk directly to the LAN/HPIB gateway (perhaps by
means of sockets), but I think you are more interested for controlling the
IEEE equipment.



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