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vrf SET GLOBAL moving

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 7, 1999
Hey Allan,

That's cool!  I played around with it for a few minutes and found
if you assign an ICON to the box, it wont update the title anymore
and it stays anchored.  Just another suggestion to add to the rest.
Glad to hear it doesn't move in the new beta, maybe we can consider
it almost fixed...


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Subject: vrf SET GLOBAL moving

Hi All,
I generate globals by a lot of dynamic inputs to a SET GLOBAL.
Depending on the length of the global name the SET GLOBAL box
will be pushed either to the right  or to the left.

If I do not keep an eye on it before saving, it will disappear to the right
or move in over the other boxes and corrupt the program view.

One workaround is to select the global names
so the end result will position the box in
the original position.
I do not like it, a little bit too handcuffing

Properties -> Icon ->  disable Show Title
  will keep the box stay put
  but will be like working with a blindfold.
  You can see name of the box
  if you take it off.

Depending on the input it will "disappear" to
the right or if left jam your program.

Anybody got an idea to make it stay put or is it a bug ?




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