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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 2, 2000
Hello there,

One of our customers needs start-up assistance & brief  hands-on user
training for the Agilent VEE 5.0 product, including Introduction to
automation with VEE, brief tutorials on the product & applications & to be
able to create visual programs for Calibration routines using VEE.
The key application of this would be to automate Calibration of many
instruments in their Lab.

I request assistance from the user-group to kindly provide me with Slides,
Training material, few sample programs & any other relevant information if
readily available to help us in this matter. The same can be sent to me
preferably by E-mail/ Multimedia or any suitable means.

We look forward to your valued help.

Thanks very much in anticipation & kind regards,

Kiran Anand
Customer Engineer
TMI Support.
Emitac Ltd., P.O. Box-8391,
Block-B, Arenco Bldg.,
Zabeel Road, Dubai, UAE.
Ph:    971-4-3377591
Fax:  971-4-3370899

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