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Help with window navigaiton under unix

Question asked by michael.asbery on Feb 24, 2000

With all the talk lately about active-x, I thought I would throw out a
question for HP-UX platforms.  I am using a execute unix object to launch
the /opt/audio/bin/audio_editor so that I can play sound files in
unix.  This works great but using HP-Vue and X-Windows, but if the user
clicks back on the vee program the audio_editor window goes to the back of
the vee window.  If the user clicks on the button to return to the editor,
a new instance is launched. What I would really like is to query the os and
find out if the editor is currently launched, and if so bring it to the
foreground.  Are there any Unix/X-Window programmers out there that have
done this before.  Can you please help me solve this problem.  Thanks in

Mike Asbery
Michael Asbery
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