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Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 21, 1999

It sounds like you create this list on the fly, or could change it to
be created on the fly.  Then you merely need to decide how you want to
mark things.  My preference would probably be to add a "* " to items
previously selected.  To do this I'd probably use a To String object to
create a text array of the selections.  At the same time I'd add the *
or spaces to each selection to show if previously selected.  Then when
taking the output from selection control, if you use the ordinal, it
makes no difference, else use a strFromLen() to strip off the * or
space.  Each time a selection is made, you need to update your list of
previous selections and regenerate the selection list.

I hope this helps.


> I have an application where I want the operator to select multiple items
> from a drop-down or equivalent "Selection Control" list.  This is easy
> but I would like the list to indicate which items were selected
> previously (highlight, checked boxes, etc.).  This means the object must
> accept multiple default values, perhaps as an array.  The standard
> Selection Control objects have no interest in doing this - does anybody
> have any ideas?
> Barrie Walden
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