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FW: vrf Time to Ask someone

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 19, 2000
     If you turn on "show execution flow" the problem will surface. The first
time you run the program the 2nd for count actually executes. Put a logging
alphanumeric onto the output pin of the 2nd alphanumeric. You will now find
that it takes considerably longer to execute the 2nd for count.

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Subject: vrf Time to Ask someone

Hi guys,

I have an interesting problem with getting VEE to execute a loop
with any kind of speed.  I KNOW it can do it, because I can force
it to go more than 10x faster (see Text Box in program).  But how
do I keep it fast all the time???

This is one bug that really BUGS me.  Run my little program and
and see if you get a 10:1 speed ratio like I get, depending only
on where you clicked last.  BTW, I run VEE 5.01 on a PIII/550
under NT4 SP5.

Sorry to be so vague, but it's easier to show than explain.

Mike Groves
Ericsson Inc.