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help with exponantiation

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 21, 1999
If the data types that the dll uses are not compatible with any of the VEE
data types you must build an "Interface" to them. What I mean is if you have
a function that takes a structure or something like that you have to build
an External function that takes the elements in that structure separately or
in a known order array and translate it into the structure for the called
function. I've used C++ classes like that before too.

I've never used that library, are you sure the data types aren't compatible?
Sometimes a manufacturer will use typedefs for things that can really just
be integers, reals, or strings in VEE. Like a Handle to the card or

I'll send you my dll example that I've pretty much beat to death, but seems
to answer using compiled library questions for most.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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by trying to implement a PC-card (without any HPVEE-drivers),
I have the problem, that there are NT-drivers available only
for C++ and VisualBasic. They work fine, so I tried to write a
HPVEE description file (*.h) for HPVEE-implementation.
The problem is now, that the DLL-file contains selfdefined
datatypes, which is possible in C++ and Basic, but not in
How can I proceed?
Are there some standard solutions for this problem?
Do I have to write another DLL, where the basic Dll-file
is included and the complex data-types are split into their
basic types?
Perhaps, someone was successful to implement ADVANTECH-measurement-cards
into HPVEE: please can you share your know-how?

Thanks in advance

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