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vrf Experiencing 'Slow-Downs' Using Vee Development...

Question asked by leysathb on Dec 22, 1999

I had the same problem and I submitted it to the VRF. I also called HP
but they were unable to shed much light on it. Memory leaks were 1st
suspected but no known leaks were shown to be the culprit. After 2 weeks
of going around with no resolution it was suggested (not verified!!!)
that once VEE starts using virtual memory it continues to use it even if
unnecessary and the program runs slower & slower and takes longer to
start & stop. The only way to get it out of this mode is to quit VEE
(which can take a couple of minutes to reclaim the disk space) and
reload. I was using NT with 64MB RAM and the problem didn't occur on
128MB machines but the program was only 5MB with around a 10MB data
structure. I hope those agile VEE systems guys solve this problem (if
they actually know about it) but maybe another 128MB or 256MB would
help. (Any others with LARGE VEE programs and small memories experience
this phenomenon? Let AGILENT know!!!)     
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